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Climate commitments by 12,000+ companies, investors, cities, and regions prove readiness for coordinated climate policy and action.

Voluntary pledges can only take the world so far and rapid emissions reductions are urgently needed. Collaboration between governments and businesses can transform the groundswell of voluntary action into clear, fair, and aligned ground rules for the net-zero economy.

This network brings together business leaders, policymakers, regulators, NGOs, and standard-setters working towards a cohesive global governance system for the transition to net zero.

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Watch this space for resources, case studies, calls to action, and initiatives led by both the private and public sectors to create clear, fair, and aligned climate policy and action.

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About Us

The purpose of this network is to develop an open collaborative platform for information sharing and recent updates on net zero policy and regulation.

This site is hosted by Oxford Net Zero, a climate mitigation research group at the University of Oxford, in collaboration with Normative, a science-based carbon accounting organization. The network is grateful for voluntary support and updates from a wide range of organizations working to develop, advocate for, track, and align climate policy and regulation efforts globally.

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